Angus Accordion & Fiddle Festival
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Frequently asked questions

Q - Is the festival once a year?
A - Yes always starts on the first Friday in July

Q - Disable facilities at all the venues?
A - Yes, but please confirm in advance

Q - Do you have to be a dancer to attend these Festivals?
A - No Many people come just to enjoy the music

Q - Is there concessions.
A - No - the festival is self-funding and we have a tight budget. Apart from that, 90% would be requiring concessions!

Q - Can musicians not involved in the Official Festival join in.
A - Yes - they are most welcome to join in the pub sessions

Q - Can the Festival committee arrange accommodation?
A - Afraid not.  A list of accomodations is attached without recommendations

Q - Can we submit reports and photos of the festival ?
A - Yes - these would be most welcome

Q - Are children welcome at the festival ?
A - Yes we are delighted to see youngsters at the dances and Ceilidhs