Angus Accordion & Fiddle Festival


Here are a list of dances likely to be encountered during the Festival Weekend.

Gay Gordons

Broons Reel

Strip the Willow

Ruby Waltz 

Canadian Barn Dance

Hooper’s Jig

Last of The Lairds

Mayfair Quick-Step

Lomond Waltz

Dashing White Sergeant

White Heather Foxtrot

McLeod's Fancy

Joe McDiarmid’s Jig

Eva Three Step

Virginia Reel

Memory Waltz 

Georgella Blues

Irish Rover

Gay Gordons Two-Step

Shiftin' Bobbins

La Russe

Square Tango

St Bernard’s Waltz

Bees of Maggieknockater

Posties Jig

Quick Step

Black Mountain Reel

Britannia Two Step

Old Time Waltz

Circassian Circle